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Songye Shield

Shield from the company bwadi ka bifwebe with a plastic pattern showing the mask Kifwebe. Two-tone matt patina. bruises. This thirsty variant of the kifwebe mask (pl. bifwebe) or "Hunting the Dead" (Roberts) stands out: male (kilume) mostly have high crowns, women (kikashi) have very low crowns missing, and finally The greatest embodied power (kia ndoshi). This mask, still in use today, appears to have come from The junction between the northern part of Luba and the southeastern part of Songye. they wear long suits There is also a long beard made of natural fibers, absent from the most important rituals in this copy. That Songba is originally from the Sabah region of the Democratic Republic of Congo and settled between the Lualaba and Sankuru rivers River in the middle of savannah and forest. They are ruled by Yakitengé and local chiefs. secret However, Bwadi society balances their power. Their male masks are associated with mystical powers Shown in punitive and disciplinary expeditions. Her performance is still related to divination and sociopolitical goals. (Luba, F. Neyt) Little. : "Sense and Strength" Royal Museum, Central Africa

SOUTH AFRICAN oil painting on wood Cape Town Table Mountain with taxi cabbie 3D Africa art recycled material Township handmade hand painted

South Africa 3D Wood Oil Painting Cape Town Table Mountain and Taxi Taxi African Art Recycled Township Hand Painted ° Cardboard hand painted ° 3D painting, town house pops out of the frame, made from real recycled tin cans

Wall Plaques in Carved African Wood

These African hand carved wooden doors or panels are crafted by Nupe artists from Nigeria. It takes months to carve a panel/door.